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Getting managers’ attentions for Maryland jobs

Posted on July 31, 2015

What will job seekers do to get managers’ attentions for Maryland jobs? That is the question asked in a recent Careerbuilder survey.

Hiring managers gave the following examples of off-the-wall tactics job seekers used to stand out, but not always for the right reasons:

1.Candidate found out where the hiring manager was having dinner and picked up the tab.
2. Candidate lit a corner of their resume on fire to show their “burning desire” for the job.
3.Candidate had his daughter call the hiring manager in advance of the interview to thank the hiring manager “for giving her dad a job.”
4.Candidate had a cake delivered to the hiring manager with the words “Congratulations! [candidate’s name] got the job!”
5.Candidate answered a call during the interview stating that another company was calling to discuss a job offer.
6.Candidate sat on the floor during the interview and asked the hiring manager to take a picture of him with the company mascot.
7.Candidate tried to impress the hiring manager with the history of the business, which was incorrect.
8.Candidate had her resume gift-wrapped.
9.Candidate showed pictures of their relatives working at the company many years prior.
10.Candidate acted like a game show host.
11.Candidate brought a bag of props into the interview and pulled them out as they were relevant in the questions/answers.
12.Candidate sent the hiring manager a coupon for a free meal.

Tips include:

•Don’t confuse pestering with persistence. Most hiring managers don’t mind –and even appreciate – a follow up phone call or email, as it indicates enthusiasm and initiative. Bombarding the hiring manager with phone calls or emails, however, can come across as desperate, annoying or even creepy.

•Do know your audience. What charms one hiring manager may turn another one off. You can’t always predict what will work for one company and what won’t. Just keep in mind, however, that a company that doesn’t appreciate your unique line of thinking might not be the company that’s right for you.

•Don’t overthink it. Sometimes the simplest approach to getting a hiring manager’s attention can be a powerful one. For several hiring managers, the novelty of receiving a handwritten thank you note was enough to make a candidate stand out.

•Do keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t let your unusual approach distract from what you’re really trying to do: Sell your skills and qualifications. Even when trying an unusual approach, tie it back to your skills and why you are qualified for the job.

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