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App connects job seekers with Pennsylvania jobs

Posted on December 5, 2017

A new app is connecting job seekers with disabilities to Pennsylvania jobs.

The new ‘PA Planning for the Future Checklist’ app will help students with disabilities transition from high school to employment and find jobs that pay.

The new app supports Pennsylvania students with disabilities as they prepare for employment, continuing education and further inclusion into the community. The ‘PA Planning for the Future Checklist’ app, available for free on both iOS and Android, consists of various steps and tips to prepare students with disabilities from age 14-21 for adulthood. Each stage of the checklist lists fundamental activities that should be reviewed to help reach goals after high school, including continuing education or employment.
“This new app prepares students for their future in either post-secondary education or employment, offering them access to information, education and training resources, and eventually, success in a job that pays,” said DeNotaris. “Pennsylvania saw 13,187 individuals with a disability enter the workforce in the last year – the largest of any state in the nation.”
“We are proud of this achievement, but we must continue our efforts to provide students with disabilities the opportunities to seek further education and meaningful employment,” DeNotaris added.
DeNotaris and Sedlacko spoke to students with disabilities during an Early Reach training session at the Pittsburgh OVR District Office. Early Reach is an initiative spearheaded by OVR that targets information and outreach to individual students with disabilities and their families to ensure they are aware of vocational rehabilitation services, eligibility, and preparation for transition as early as possible. The new app was also demonstrated to the students during the training session, and will be incorporated into future Early Reach training sessions in Pennsylvania schools.
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