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City creates more apprenticeship jobs in Maryland

Posted on October 1, 2018

The city is busy creating more apprenticeship jobs in Maryland.

Maryland has reached more than 10,000 registered apprentices currently earning and learning in the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program – the highest participation rate since 2008.

The announcement was made during the September meeting of the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council (MATC), where five new apprenticeship programs were created or reactivated. The creation of these programs marks another milestone with 23 new programs created and 11 programs reactivated in 2018 – the most since 2003.

“Today, we have more registered apprentices in Maryland than we have had in a decade, strengthening our workforce and boosting the competitiveness of our state economy,” said Governor Hogan. “This incredible achievement demonstrates our administration’s commitment to expanding opportunities and building lasting career pathways for Marylanders.”

The Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program (MATP) has included 10,000 apprentices only once before in its history. Following the economic recession in 2008, the number of registered apprentices dropped dramatically, hitting a low of just over 7,000. Crossing the threshold of 10,000 apprentices affirms Maryland’s commitment to Registered Apprenticeships as a valuable workforce development tool for building and strengthening the state’s talent pipeline.

“This milestone exemplifies the administration’s commitment to and investment in Registered Apprenticeship,” said Secretary Schulz. “Governor Hogan has changed the business climate in Maryland for the better, encouraging more employers to view apprenticeship as a valuable option. Thanks to his commitment and the hard work of our apprenticeship family, more than 10,000 Marylanders are on their way toward rewarding, long-lasting careers.”

With the help of MATP partners – the Maryland Department of Labor staff, the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council members, partner agencies such as the Maryland State Department of Education, the program’s 150 apprenticeship sponsors, and the more than 3,700 participating employers – the Maryland apprenticeship program has made significant changes and investments that have worked together to strengthen the program and meet the needs of a greater number of employers and apprentices throughout the state.


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