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DC Green Jobs Focus of Stimulus for Some

Posted on January 15, 2009

In a time when many employees are looking for stable careers that will help the environment and be more self-fulfilling, there is a new focus on DC green jobs.

With newly-elect President Barack Obama ready to take office, many environmentalists are asking politicians that more green initiatives be included in his plan to help the economy by boosting public works spending. According to an article by The Baltimore Sun, the nation as a whole has come up with more than 15,000 public works projects at a cost of $96 billion. If approved, these projects could result in the creation of 1 million jobs.

In Washington D.C., the Blue Plains sewage treatment plant needs about $3.2 billion to improve its ability to keep harmful nutrients out of the Potomac River. The Baltimore and Annapolis areas are hoping to complete more than 50 projects at a cost of $380 million.

Environment Maryland recently held a press conference on the issue and made the case that if the some of Obama’s stimulus money were to be invested in renewable energy, energy efficiency and cleaner transportation it would help fight climate change and provide work for more than 3 million people. The group suggested some improvements, including installing a two-megawatt solar farm at Baltimore’s Back River sewage treatment plant, which would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money.

The Chesapeake Bay Commission, which represents legislators in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, recently adopted a resolution asking Congress and the new administration to direct some of the stimulus money toward cleaning up the bay area. The Commission suggests upgrading sewage plants, retrofitting stormwater controls, upgrading transit systems and rebuilding oyster reefs.

“While greenies argue that economic recovery and environmental cleanup go hand in hand, some economists are warning that massive public works spending is not such a good idea,” the article notes.

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