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Education jobs in Maryland added

Posted on February 4, 2018

The newest labor statistics show that education jobs in Maryland have been added.

Though Maryland jobs decreased by 20,200 in December, the unemployment rate, currently at 4.0 percent, remains below the national average of 4.1 percent. Since December 2016, jobs are up by 31,400, an over-the-year change of 1.1 percent.

Last month, job gains were seen in the information sector, while several sectors experienced declines. The Professional and Business Services sector saw the most decline, with the majority of those losses coming from the Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services and Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services subsectors.

A review of the year-to-year data shows a decrease of 4,000 new unemployment insurance claims in December 2017, compared to the same month the previous year. Further, the total number of Maryland employers is higher than it has been since 2008. Given these numbers, the discrepancy in total job numbers will be assessed to determine the variances in reported data.

Since January 2015, Maryland has gained 111,500 jobs and its unemployment rate has decreased by 1.4 percent. Professional and Business Services gained the most jobs over the past year (up 11,000), followed by Education and Health Services (up 10,800), Government (up 6,500), Mining, Logging and Construction (up 5,700), and Manufacturing (up 100).

In the metropolitan statistical areas, Silver Spring-Frederick-Rockville gained the most jobs over the past year (up 9,200). This area was followed by Baltimore-Columbia-Towson (up 8,500) and Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, Md. portion (up 3,000).

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