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Hospitality jobs in Maryland grow

Posted on November 5, 2018

The number of hospitality jobs in Maryland are climbing, according to recent labor statistics.

Maryland added 1,200 jobs in September. Compared with this time last year, Maryland jobs are up by more than 25,000.

Further, the state’s preliminary jobs estimate for August was revised upwards by BLS by 1,700 jobs. This increased August’s gain of 4,600 jobs to a gain of 6,300 jobs.

Since January 2015, total employment in the state has increased by more than 110,000 jobs, while private employment has increased by more than 111,000 jobs.

The Education and Health Services sector added the most jobs in Maryland since January 2015, with 39,600 jobs added. Professional and Business Services added the second most jobs with 36,200 jobs added.

The two fastest growing sectors were Educational Services and Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities. Educational Services increased by 13.9 percent since January 2015, adding 11,300 jobs, while Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities grew by 13.8 percent, adding 11,700 jobs.

“There are more than 2.6 million workers and 170,000 employers in the state,” said Labor Secretary Kelly M. Schulz. “The Hogan administration has been working to address their needs by reducing barriers to employment, growing jobs, and helping businesses cultivate a skilled, ready workforce. Through innovative, nationally recognized programs like EARN Maryland, apprenticeship, and adult education, we’re helping workers gain news skills and credentials, and engaging employers in building their talent pipeline. In this way, we are changing Maryland for the better, one worker and one employer at a time.”
The Leisure and Hospitality sector posted the highest gains last month, with an increase of 3,100 jobs within the Accommodation and Food Services subsector (2,500 jobs) and the Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation subsector (600 jobs). Education and Health Services also increased (400 jobs), all within the Health Care and Social Assistance subsector. Sectors that also experienced growth in September include Information and Other Services.

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