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Green Focus Creates Maryland Construction Jobs

Posted on November 7, 2008

People in Maryland are focusing on green energy, something that could create many new Maryland construction jobs.

The largest solar manufacturing assembly plant, owned by BP Solar, is located in Frederick, Maryland. The plant provides plenty of skilled jobs for workers, and the further development of alternative energy could provide millions more jobs while at the same time increase the country’s independence on foreign energy.

According to an article by the Baltimore Sun, newly-elect President Barack Obama has promised to invest in alternative fuels. However, as the economy has made the cost of oil and natural gas lower as of late, that goal might be harder to reach.

“Aggressively promoting alternative energy should be a top priority in the coming year for three reasons,” the article notes. “First, oil and other carbon fuels are feeding dangerous global warming that produces unstable weather, crop failures and rising sea levels and the resulting economic consequences.

“Second, the price of oil may be low now, but increasing oil scarcity will mean higher prices again and more of America’s wealth headed overseas to meet the country’s basic energy needs,” the article continues. “Last, successful development of alternative energy technologies would give the nation’s energy industries a powerful boost from new markets around the world, as other nations struggle to meet their energy needs.”

Maryland has invested many of its resources to alternative energy, from wind mills to research at the University of Maryland on enzymes that could turn grass into fuel. Also, in Montgomery County, the government has created green building standards to reduce energy use in homes.

“Maryland has good reason to pursue energy alternatives,” the article adds. “The state’s consumption of energy is growing at 2.7 percent a year, one-fourth higher than the national average. At the same time, the population is growing at just a fraction above the national average, so per capita electricity use is increasing. Rebuilding Baltimore to make it more energy efficient could pay dividends in every direction – less money wasted on fuel and hundreds of new skilled jobs in construction and energy technology.”

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