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ROI for Maryland jobs

Posted on August 5, 2016

What is the College ROI for Maryland jobs? A new survey from Careerbuilder is taking a look.
PayScale, Inc. has released its annual College Return on Investment Report.  This year PayScale added new data on how a student’s household income when entering college impacts his or her earning potential after graduation, as well as data around student loan payments and career readiness upon graduation.

The PayScale College Return on Investment rankings are based on Net 20 Year ROI assuming On Campus Costs (Without Financial Aid). If a school does not report On Campus cost, then it is not included in the main ranking. There are 962 schools included in the overall PayScale College ROI list; 442 public (both in-state and out-of-state cost structures are included), 505 private not-for-profit, and 15 private for-profit schools.  PayScale provides median earnings data of workers who attended college based on where their household fell in the income distribution when they attended college. Median earnings by household income is provided overall, by experience, job level, and school type. PayScale provides data on average student loan payment amounts by major, job family, household income bucket, age, highest degree obtained, and school category. PayScale examines how prepared college grads felt after graduation by major, school categories, and household income bucket.


  • Engineering schools remain at the top of the PayScale College ROI list. The schools ranked 1 through 3, overall, and six out of the top 10 schools are engineering schools. The average net ROI for engineering schools is $756,000, compared to the average net ROI for Liberal Arts, Religious, Arts, or Music and Design Schools which are all less than $250,000.
  • Public schools dominate the overall ranking for annualized ROI, indicative of their relative low cost when compared to private Schools. Only two out of the highest 100 on campus annualized ROI values come from private schools. Brigham Young University (BYU) and Park University are the exceptions, and both have inexpensive on campus costs; $69,400 and $91,600, respectively.
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