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State adds administrative jobs in Maryland

Posted on October 1, 2018

The latest labor statistics demonstrate that administrative jobs in Maryland have been added.

Maryland added 7,900 private jobs in August. Compared with this time last year, private sector employment is up by 26,000 jobs, for an over-the-year increase of 1.2 percent.

Total employment increased in Maryland by 4,600 jobs in August, with gains across several sectors including Leisure and Hospitality, Professional and Business Services, and Trade, Transportation, and Utilities. Since January 2015, total employment in Maryland has increased by more than 107,000 jobs.

Further, the state’s preliminary jobs estimate for July was revised upwards by BLS by 1,200 jobs. This increased July’s gain of 5,300 jobs to a gain of 6,500 jobs last month.

“An amazing shift is happening in the world of workforce development,” said Labor Secretary Kelly M. Schulz. “The unique challenges presented by our healthy economy have engaged industry more actively with the state in the process of building our talent pipeline. Programs like apprenticeship and EARN Maryland – which both leverage our employers’ knowledge and experience to develop a well-trained, responsive workforce – are experiencing tremendous success with extremely high return on investment and participation. With this momentum, we can continue filling the jobs created by our tremendous growth.”

According to the data released, the Leisure and Hospitality sector posted the highest gains in August with an increase of 2,400 jobs, all within the Accommodation and Food Services subsector. Professional and Business Services increased by 2,400 jobs across the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (1,500 jobs) and Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services (1,300 jobs) subsectors. Trade, Transportation, and Utilities increased by 2,100 jobs, while Education and Health Services increased by 1,900 jobs.

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