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Washington Job Market Remains Hot for Engineers

Posted on July 3, 2008

Washington DC was recently ranked 2nd among the top U.S. cities for engineering and other high-tech jobs, according to a report by the American Electronics Association. The AeA’s Cybercities 2008 report used the data gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2006, which is the most recent information available, to reach its conclusions. The New York metro area topped the list, followed by DC and Silicon Valley.

New York topped had the most positions in the tech services sector, including telecomm, Internet services, and computer training services and the Silicon Valley area led the U.S. in high tech manufacturing jobs. Washington DC, however, had one of the highest concentrations of engineering jobs and computer systems design positions. Overall, there were 295,800 jobs in the area that were considering high tech employment.

Despite the job gains in this industry throughout the country, the AeA does not feel that America is adequately prepared to be a contender internationally. “AeA is concerned that future job growth will be jeopardized unless the United States prepares itself for a vastly more competitive global marketplace,” said president and chief executive of AeA Christopher Hansen.

Hansen feels that the biggest problems faced by this industry to be caused by “the negligence of our national political leaders to fund legislation that invests in math and science scholarships and scientific research.” He went on to say that these measures would not cost taxpayers anything along with giving the industry’s best talent a chance to work with us instead of against us.

The report showing the number of Washington DC engineering jobs and other high tech positions elsewhere was the first to be conducted by the AeA since 2000. “With the industry experiencing three consecutive years of job growth, we decided it was time again to drill down to see which cyber-cities are growing the fastest and across which sectors,” said Hansen.

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